Let’s face it, every girl loves a steamy dreamy vampire love-story.. myself included. But among my thirst in the paranormal romance genre, I toyed with the idea of writing my own for months but never really put the time into it. I was a busy single mom working in Carbondale, Pennsylvania at the time. A small nit town surrounded by nothing but mountains. Where the weather always full of clouds with a chance of dark secrets. It wasn’t exactly beautiful, but it was the perfect foundation for a vampire story.

The name Crobania was a term my friends used often when referring to Carbondale as we were out-of-town’ers. It’s just what we called it. I always joked how it had a nice ring to it for a book setting. Of course, they agreed while insisting I write it. So, I did. And from there, Becklan’s Doll was born.

Fragments of book ideas quickly turned into a storyline. It wasn’t long before I was drafting a manuscript and abusing my search engine on Google. The plots and words poured out onto the page as though it had a mind of it’s own. All while doing homework on self-publishing. A path I knew I was taking once I entered the writing world. It wasn’t long before I had a great paranormal romance! But, like all good things, I finally reached the ending, taking even me by surprise. Only my ideas were still flowing around this story. Extensions of characters needing a place of their own.

At that point, I knew. This wasn’t just a story about a vampire finding love.. it was a series. The Crestemere Series.

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