Becklan’s Doll Audio Excerpt Alert!

An Excerpt of Becklan’s Doll beautifully read by Kitty Wilder!

Honestly, I couldn’t imagine it read any other way! The way she executes a scene is just truly incredible! If you guys enjoy her voice as much as I do, make sure to show her some love and support, Subscribe and share!

The Crestemere series update!

Hello, my darlings! I know it’s been while.. in all honesty these months have just been down right crazy! Kids are in and out of school, people have been stuck in their homes for over a year now. But inside all this chaos, I’m working on a few new projects that I think you’ll be excited as I am about! These projects may or may not involve a second edition to the series. But I’m confident you’ll love it!

I’ll be giving an exclusive update in my newsletter for those of you who would like a VIP inside scoop later this week. If your not a member yet, you won’t want to miss this! Hop on over to my website and sign up! I hope all of you are doing well and practicing social distancing. Stay safe out there and I’ll be in touch. -Cam.

Trick or Treat Giveaway!

It’s almost All Hallows Eve! So, I decided to do Trick or Treat giveaway in light of the Halloween spirit and spreading the vampire love! For the entire month of October only, I’ll be giving away an eBook copy of Becklan’s Doll; book 1 of the Crestemere series with every newsletter sign-up. You heard that right, I’m giving away Becklan’s Doll for FREE!

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The Crestemere series is now available on Amazon!

That’s right, the first edition to the Crestemere series is now available on Amazon in Paperback and E-book! I know it’s been awhile since my last blog. But in truth, I’ve been juggling homeschooling and tackling other projects around the house. This particular goal being one of them. Becklan’s Doll can also be found on as well as Nook. Don’t forget to check the free download of the first 3 chapters of Becklan’s Doll right here on my webpage!

Meanwhile, I have some other big news. I’ll soon be hosting a giveaway in my newsletter for your chance to win a free copy of Becklan’s Doll, and some other book loving goodies! So, make sure you sign up for entry details and announcements to come! I know this month has been a rough one for all of us. It’s time to spread love and positivity where ever we can. I also decided to do the audiobooks for the Crestemere series myself. I like the idea of a little something extra for my readers. This will be in the works very soon. More details to follow!

In the meantime, be well. Stay safe, and be in touch.


The Crestemere series, and how it came to be.

Let’s face it, every girl loves a steamy dreamy vampire love-story.. myself included. But among my thirst in the paranormal romance genre, I toyed with the idea of writing my own for months but never really put the time into it. I was a busy single mom working in Carbondale, Pennsylvania at the time. A small nit town surrounded by nothing but mountains. Where the weather always full of clouds with a chance of dark secrets. It wasn’t exactly beautiful, but it was the perfect foundation for a vampire story.

The name Crobania was a term my friends used often when referring to Carbondale as we were out-of-town’ers. It’s just what we called it. I always joked how it had a nice ring to it for a book setting. Of course, they agreed while insisting I write it. So, I did. And from there, Becklan’s Doll was born.

Fragments of book ideas quickly turned into a storyline. It wasn’t long before I was drafting a manuscript and abusing my search engine on Google. The plots and words poured out onto the page as though it had a mind of it’s own. All while doing homework on self-publishing. A path I knew I was taking once I entered the writing world. It wasn’t long before I had a great paranormal romance! But, like all good things, I finally reached the ending, taking even me by surprise. Only my ideas were still flowing around this story. Extensions of characters needing a place of their own.

At that point, I knew. This wasn’t just a story about a vampire finding love.. it was a series. The Crestemere Series.

Becklan’s Doll: The first 3 chapters

The first three chapters to Becklan’s Doll is now available! Visit my website and sink your teeth into a sneak peek of the Crestemere series, set to release July 21st! It’s been a crazy week, but I hope everyone is doing well. Stay positive and safe out there! -Cam.

Here it is! The official Becklan’s Doll book trailer!

Happy Tuesday!

I’ll be adding an excerpt to my page very soon now that Becklan’s Doll is almost ready. But the first 3 chapters of Becklan’s Doll will go out in my newsletter next week! If you’re not yet a member to the Crestemere Parlor, make sure you sign up! You’re not gonna want to miss this blood spill!

Pre orders now on sale!

The first edition to the Crestemere Series, Becklan’s Doll is now on sale for Pre-order for eBook and paperback! Visit and to lock in your copy before launch day, July 21st, 2020!

Media Press Kit

Hello, my darlings!

I’d like to offer some really great information about my upcoming book release!

Becklan’s Doll is an incredible paranormal normal romance that will have you on the edge of your pages! Help me celebrate the book launch and join me in the Crestemere Parlor!!

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Becklan’s Doll update!

My upcoming release and novel debut, book 1 of the Crestemere series; Becklan’s Doll is underway! Cover reveal, blurb, and release date coming soon this week! Along with an excerpt. More details coming soon, stay tuned.